Thursday, January 28, 2010

1/28 Texas Birding Day 7a Salineno Area

Paul and Fran Bauer and Lois and I traveled to the Lower Rio Grande Valley the end of January
to see many birds that I have never seen. We returned along the gulf though lower Louisiana.
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Day 7a 2010-01-28: Salineno Area • Lower Rio Grande Valley Texas
A few of the birds are seen below, complete set and larger sizes in gallery. Click here to view the gallery.
A few birds shown on map to establish shooting location, click here for map.

We stopped by the Salineno area first this morning before going to the Falcon area. As we arrived at the Rio Grande River boat ramp we were pleasantly surprised to see a Red-shouldered Hawk. Great start for the day. After looking around some we headed for the feeders, an experience nobody should miss. A bonanza of birds.

A few of the birds seen, complete set and larger sizes in gallery.
Click thumb below for large version. • • • Hover thumb for names.
Rio Grande River Red-shouldered Hawk Northern Cardinal Great Kiskadee Inca Dove Inca Doves Latter-backed Woodpecker odd Red-winged Blackbird ? Lincoln's Sparrow Orange-crowned Warbler Great Kiskadee Golden-fronted Woodpecker Hooded Oriole Eastern Screech Owl Inca Dove Altamira Oriole Hooded Oriole White-tipped Dove White-tipped Dove Common Ground-Dove White-winged Dove Hooded Oriole Hooded Oriole Audubon's Oriole Audubon's Oriole Hooded Oriole Altamira Oriole Hooded Oriole Altamira Oriole Red-winged Blackbird (no tail?) Inca Dove Long-billed Thrasher Common Yellowthroat Inca Dove Great Kiskadee (Leucistic) Audubon's Oriole American Wigeon American Wigeon Double-crested Cormorant Gadwall American Wigeon

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