Monday, January 25, 2010

1/25 Texas Birding Day 4 Santa Ana NWR

Paul and Fran Bauer and Lois and I traveled to the Lower Rio Grande Valley the end of January
to see many birds that I have never seen. We returned along the gulf though lower Louisiana.
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Day 4 2010-01-25: Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge • Lower Rio Grande Valley Texas
A few of the birds are seen below, complete set and larger sizes in gallery. Click here to view the gallery.
A few birds shown on map to establish shooting location, click here for map.

We stayed 7 days at the Alamo Inn and made daily excursions from there. Santa Ana NWR was the first to visit as it was just a short drive to the south. The NWR is now closed off to vehicles so there was lots of walking, kinda hard on Paul, but with many rest stops (birding of course) it was well worth it.

A few of the birds seen, complete set and larger sizes in gallery.
Click thumb below for large version. Hover thumb for names.
Plain Chachalaca Black-crested Titmouse Altamira Oriole Long-billed Thrasher Green Jay Olive Sparrow Black-crested Titmouse Red-shouldered Hawk Least Grebe Pied-billed Grebe Great Kiskadee Golden-fronted Woodpecker Laddered-backed Woodpecker Paul and Fran Blue-winged Teal Olive Sparrow Green Jay

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