Thursday, February 4, 2010

2/04 Louisiana Birding Day 14 Lower West Louisiana

Paul and Fran Bauer and Lois and I traveled to the Lower Rio Grande Valley the end of January
to see many birds that I have never seen. We returned along the gulf though lower Louisiana.
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Day 14 2010-02-04: Lower West Louisiana
A few of the birds seen below, complete set and larger sizes in gallery. Click here to view the gallery.
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We arrived at Sulphur in the evening and they had very heavy rains that night, 6-8 inches, so we decided to stay an extra day to let the rains go by. In the afternoon we took an exploratory tour down towards Holly Beach as the rain had decreased to a drizzle. Made a stop at the Intra-coastal Canal and also found a whole bunch of Avocets at one spot. Proceeded a short ways west at Holley Beach and found some Sandpipers and Plovers along the beach.

A few of the birds seen, complete set and larger sizes in gallery.
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Flycatcher sp. Osprey Wilson's Snipe American Avocet American Avocet American Avocet and Short-billed Dowitchers Brown Pelican Loggerhead Shrike Western Sandpiper Dunlin Black-bellied Plover Sanderling Piping Plover Dunlin Semipalmated Plover Piping Plover Willet Ruddy Turnstone, Black-bellied Plover and Willet Ruddy Turnstone Black-bellied Plover Ruddy Turnstone Ruddy Turnstone and Sanderling
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