Tuesday, November 10, 2015

11/10 Rock Wren

We traveled to Polk County Missouri just south of Stockton Lake to try to see a rare Rock Wren for Missouri that's been hanging out by a bait shop. I've photographed them in Colorado but not in MO. It is No. 342 on my list of Bird Species Photographed in Missouri.

We arrived at 10 am and searched for it until 12:02 pm when it was spotted ~85 yards across the field behind the bait shop.
See red arrow (1) across field. I shot a few long distance photos from here. See first two thumbs below.
Later I walked the fence line on left next to the bales down to where the weeds started, green arrow.
Rest of shots were from there. When we first arrived at 10am, before getting out of van, a bird flew from the back right corner of the bait shop lot, low over the field to the flatbed to the right of arrow (2). Later, we realized this was probably the bird we've been looking for. UGH!
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Rock Wren

A few of the birds seen, complete set and larger sizes in gallery.
Click here to view the gallery • • • For location of birds click here for map.

Click thumbs below to popup larger photo. Hover thumbs for names.
Rock Wren Rock Wren Rock Wren Rock Wren Rock Wren Rock Wren Rock Wren Rock Wren Rock Wren Rock Wren Rock Wren Rock Wren

Other photos while looking for the Rock Wren
American Crow House Sparrow Red-tailed Hawk A10 Eastern Bluebird Eastern Bluebird

Video of Rock Wren feeding on one of the flatbed trailers

Photos from gallery

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